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"One of the most important of life's lessons is to learn independence...
Our task is to learn, to become God-like through knowledge...
By knowledge we approach God, and then we can rest.
Then we come back to teach and help others."
-- Dr. Brian Weiss M.D.


It is in obedience to the orders of our Loving Master

And in experiencing the joy of sharing, that more than half a decade ago we started off on this humble endeavor--Amarantos.

We feel very fortunate to have been guided directly by the guru of Past Life Regression Therapy Dr. Brian L. Weiss M.D. himself in The Omega Institute of New York, USA.
Other than being a world-renowned Psychiatrist he is a graduate of Columbia University and Yale Medical School and Chairman Emeritus of Psychiatry at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami. And author of the 1.5 million copies selling classic, "Many Lives, Many Masters."
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What our trainees say

“It was a homecoming in lots of ways.
A humbling experience…
As a psychiatrist, I felt there was a lot more to learn beyond the medical model of understanding the mind.
Thank you, Venu from bottom of my heart. I pray that you stay the blessed soul…

Psychiatrist – Singapore Dr. Malladi S. S. After attending the 5 Days Amarantos PLRT program.

Venu, you are a wonderful human being with such a deep capability to spread so much knowledge and love.

It was a privilege meeting you.

Mr. Ajay Anand – Senior Director- Infosys Senior Director and Global Head Infosys

Venu, Your sincerity is a blessing for us.

We believe that the Masters have blessed us through you.

Dr. Nisha Rani – Psychologist Clinical Director with Centre for Psychotherapy (CFP) Singapore 199018

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Learn from the Leaders

Welcome to Life Transformation

Transform Your Life and that of your loved ones or patients, through this unfailing drugless modality.
Come experience it for yourself.

Amarantos Past Life Regression Therapy

Become a Professional Past Life Regression Therapist

Learn and master this science in the light of Neuroscience.

It’s Time to Follow your passion

The state-of-the-art world-class methodical approach is applied to systematically launch you into starting your own practice.

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Resolve Your Past

Acute Stress Intervention and Mitigation Through Past Life Regression Therapy

  • Reduce Stress.
  • Control Depression.
  • Control or eliminate guilt.
  • Resolve Anxiety at its roots.
  • Cure suicidal tendency which is taking one life every half minute.
  • Relieve repressed emotions; release the past hurts.
  • Obesity and Digestion related problems.
  • Avoid illness, chronic diseases like asthma and other breathing problems.
  • Eliminate phobias and fears.
  • Reverse Self-destructive behavior.
  • Facilitate deaddiction from Drugs, Smoking, Alcohol and etc.
  • Manage Grief due to the demise of loved one.
  • Headaches due to stress.
  • OCD can be cured.
  • Deal with Breakups.

To Regain the Joy of Living

To help you live life even more joyfully.

  • Bringing in Harmony in relationships.
  • Forgive your parents, siblings, spouse, children, colleagues.
  • Heal Psychosomatic diseases.
  • Develop a sense of focus and concentration.
  • Be more effective.
  • Develop latent talents and unlock personal potentials.
  • Abrest with Confidence.
  • Develop confidence, power, control and choice in all actions.
  • Transform beings of action rather than reaction.
  • Find your passion.
  • Boost your career.
  • Reveal the meaning and purpose of your life.
  • Learn visualization for self-healing.
  • Learn to take action proactively instead of reacting to situations.
  • Learn the Profound Art of controlling your mind.

Learn with us on how you can conduct these sessions

We share our joy in our annual Past Life Regression Therapy Training Workshop. See how you can get this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Corporate Stress-buster sessions

Stress Buster Sessions for Corporates

Stress starts interfering with your ability to live a normal life for an extended period. With it affecting 42.5% the working population it can be determinantal to the success of your organization.

Past Life Regression Therapy Sessions

Past Life Regression Therapy Sessions

Using the New age Reincarnation science of Past Life Regression Therapy to heal chronic stress, fear, relationship, behavioural, health and spiritual problems.

The Amarantos 15 stage process

Amarantos News

Amarantos at International Health Congress

Amarantos at International Health Tourism Congress 2017

Amarantos was invited to present at the International Health Tourism Congress 2017 and demonstrate to the technical media. Below is the report by Murali our honored Amarantos Trained Therapist.   Day 1, Fri, Mar 03, 2017         The day started at 05:30 am for me. It was Mar 03, 2017 – first […]

Stress Buster Session by Amarantos at Dell

Stress Buster sessions for Dell Senior Management

Amarantos was invited to present the keynote speech and kick off the Annual Global meetup attended by Director to C-level executives. There were executives from all over the world. Our aim was to make a deep dent into their lives. They are people who are always on the move, and we focused on providing 20 […]

Past Life Regression Therapy for Defence Personal

Past Life Regression Therapy for Indian Army

Past Life Regression Therapy for Indian Army

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Venu Murthy

Other than being the Co-Founder of Amarantos, Mr. Venu Murthy is also a most sought after Technologist. Globetrotter. Innovator of a very advanced technology. He is published author of technical courses.

He studied in Army School Bangalore and pursued a very successful Engineering Career. His most recent project has been in architecting the Airport Navigation system for Bangalore International Airport. You can know about all his professional achievements on linkedin.

He has been a student of Ancient Scriptures and Parapsychology for the past 20 years. Some years ago his life changed after rescuing an entire family committing suicide. That is when he found more value in programming minds to computers. Half a decade ago he founded Amarantos Past Life Regression Therapy center in Bangalore.

He has been personally trained by the world-renowned psychiatrist Dr. Brian Weiss M.D. at the Omega Institue in New York. He is the author of Amazon Bestseller, "My Mystical Past Life". He is now personally mentoring genuine aspirants from various facets of life into being Past Life Regression Therapist to meet the explosive need.

The Newly Launched Book Is Already Amazon Bestseller With ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Rating

Why Me Could your chronic problems be rooted in your past lives?
Why Me: Could your chronic problems be rooted in your past lives?

Know the secret behind your chronic suffering and heal yourself.


Amarantos Story

my Mystical past Life Regression Therapy Training with dr. Brian Weiss

Relax and read more

PLRT + Dentistry = Hypnodontics

As some of you might already know Dr. Ashwini is the ‘Defence Doctor’ who was trained by Mr. Venu Murthy in the Amarantos Aquila batch of Dec 2017. She is the Super Skeptic PLRT Therapist that we had referred to in the book, “Why Me?: Could your chronic problems be rooted in your past lives?” […]

Evidence Based PLRT

Is Past Life Regression As Evidence-Based As Medicine?

Read on to know the analysis based on authentic data.   Regression Therapy Intensive Training & Experiential Workshop that we were honored to conduct from 15th to 19th August 2018–the batch we lovingly refer to as the Asters. They had submitted anonymously the below mental, emotional or Psychological and Physiological pain levels of the before […]

A Psychological Counselor’s Journey Into Becoming A PLRT Therapist

Below is a write up from Mohana who is from the Amarantos Aquila Batch–Trained in Dec 2017. Mohana is a Psychological Counselor by profession, based out of Chennai. It was fascinating for me to read through her journey of becoming a very successful PLRT Therapist and hence sharing it with you.   When I started my […]

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