A Psychological Counselor’s Journey Into Becoming A PLRT Therapist

Below is a write up from Mohana who is from the Amarantos Aquila Batch–Trained in Dec 2017. Mohana is a Psychological Counselor by profession, based out of Chennai.

It was fascinating for me to read through her journey of becoming a very successful PLRT Therapist and hence sharing it with you.


When I started my practice as a psychological counselor, I realised how deep is the world of human mind and emotions.. It is like the Bay of Bengal near my place, and sometimes, I would go and sit at the beach, wondering if I was wrong in starting out on this second career so late in my life. But each session with a client brought out the urge in me to only grow more, and learn more about this fathomless world. I found every client taught me something, and while they were learning to deal with pain, they were also teaching me the finer nuances of human interactions. The more I met clients, the more this need in me grew to constantly upgrade myself, like the apps on my phone! I never felt I had arrived.   I would attend workshops, constantly have study sessions with my colleagues, buy books like there is no tomorrow, and spend hours pouring into case studies available on the internet to see how I could deliver better.

Perhaps this constant search for newer tools, for better practices, brought me to yet another powerful tool of healing. Though I had been always fascinated by the world and life beyond the one on this earth even when I was not a practising counselor, the world of the occult, the spirits and energy had constantly drawn me to reach a space when I wanted to incorporate this field of interest into my healing profession. I qualified as a healer, and integrated alternative healing into focussed, rational and proven scientific theories of practice.

During my continuing voyage of reading I remember reading Dr Raymond Moody when I was in Class 11 and always wondered whether there was more reading material of the same genre. But I had to relegate all this to the back burner when I got caught up in the corporate world of work, and family. When I came across Dr Brian Weiss much, much later, all my latent interest rushed up like a deluge and I was totally hooked to thesubject of Past Life Therapy.   But now there was a difference in my interest; while earlier, it was only an interest albeit a strong one, on the subject, now I was looking at the therapeutic value of the tool.

But I did not know how to go about qualifying as a therapist, and frankly, the prospect also looked pretty daunting. I lapped up a lot of reading material on the subject, and while browsing on the internet, I was able to locate where I would find my calling so to say. Something in me just said: GO FOR IT. The course costed; but there was six months before I needed to join and pay up. I started a mission of minimalism. And by the end of six months, I was able to afford the fee and attend the course. I was apprehensive, excited and also very nervous. What was I letting myself in for? While I never had any doubts about the efficacy of the tool, I was wondering how I would be able to handle the scepticism that goes hand in hand with such tools that smack of quackery.

I needn’t have worried so much. The training gave me a tremendous sense of feeling empowered. I knew there were sceptics but somehow after the training, convincing the sceptics and the cynics became part of the training manual I guess!

And I became an AQUILA.

My growth as a therapist continued to happen, as each session with a client came with strong messages that I feel applied to me too. The element of doubt would time and again rear up its naughty head, but somewhere, when I did not attempt to either convince either myself or the client, it would all settle down and I would look forward to yet another wonderful journey into past lifetimes. And what journeys! Like we say in our regression script: there were dimensions of time and space that existed.  Or did they? Were they just parallel universes? The client would take me through one door after another, right into Neolithic age, when there was a suggestion to go right to the first time the problem had surfaced in his life! And the chuckle with which he narrated the experience of him not ‘as developed as we all are now’ still rings in my ears.

And yet another client, who felt he was being cradled by long golden ribbons suspended from the sky, with him lying down with his knees drawn up and hands held behind his head, and the feeling of being swayed gently by the breeze, made me want to experience that bliss that I saw on his face when he was narrating this to me.

But on a more realistic note, I also feel that PLR does not work for everyone. I had a client who came in for the first session, all excited but totally blocked out whatever surfaced later, for she felt that she did not want to go on a guilt trip again, and that she would rather ‘Let sleeping dogs lie’. She was so petrified to even think again about what all had surfaced that she refused to even transcribe the session! But like I said, she chose not to heal at the depth that PLR offers healing and it was a conscious choice. She chooses to come for just regular therapy.

Clients do come in expecting magic to happen; Like I had this mother who wanted her child to undergo PLR. While the child seemed pretty okay with it, my impression was the mother was looking for quick-fix solutions for the child’s academic issues. A gentle probing with the child before the session revealed that he just did not like doing his homework! And when the mom kept saying : are you ready for the magic, the boy thought there would be a jinn appearing, who perhaps may make his homework vanish off the face of this earth!

So the basic premise has to be, when you are taking a client back into the past sometimes, it need not be another lifetime it could just be the beginning of this lifetime, perhaps childhood, or even some years earlier. As space and time cease to exist, how does it matter whether it is yesterday or centuries ago?

The concept is still very nascent I feel, more so because we are programmed to demand proof, think concrete. Past Life Regression Therapy is an abstract concept, and it requires a lateral shift, at least an open mind for it to be considered a ‘normal’ therapy and not just mumbo jumbo.

But for me, it has been a life-changing experience, both as a client and as a therapist!




Mohana is an avid blogger too, and you can find some exceptionally high-quality blogs on her link