Venu Murthy

We've been researching on Past Life and reincarnation from past 16 years. Having gone through all the ancient scriptures from various religions and traditions in this regard, we were fortunate to have been Trained and Certified by Dr. Brian Weiss M.D, Author of "Many Lives, Many Masters" and such master pieces.

Do not Somatize that

Up to 97% of all the illnesses are Psychosomatic–etymologically it is a Greek word where Psyche — inner being, affecting our Soma i.e. our body. For example people in high-stress jobs having a headache. Some Stats Even a recent study by the American Medical Association found 75% of all illnesses and diseases are due to …

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How Do You Do!

“I am Fine?” Lo comes this response! That is the natural response we are conditioned to give in spite of being physically sick, mentally tired or emotionally battered. Man is a multidimensional being. One the most important things that we overlook is that just feeding the body nutritious food (which too is quite unlikely in this …

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