Stress Buster Session by Amarantos at Dell

Stress Buster sessions for Dell Senior Management

Amarantos was invited to present the keynote speech and kick off the Annual Global meetup attended by Director to C-level executives.

There were executives from all over the world. Our aim was to make a deep dent into their lives. They are people who are always on the move, and we focused on providing 20 minutes  holistic routine which they could practice anywhere (even in airports and planes) for their overall wellbeing.

The stress due to the demands of these senior job roles was quite palpable. The main theme identified for them was “Fear of the Unknown”

Our observation was.

“The more you are away from physical work, the more anxious you are.”

During our course, we were left with delegates asking us for more. It was truly a wonderful experience even for us.

Below is the letter of appreciation from Lt Col Vinod Dora. Director Security at Dell International Services – India

Thank you, Dell.

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