You can make a choice! Choose to love!

Stimulus Response


What do you think is the cause of majority of the problems on this planet, apparent that since the whole world is running after Money, it is the financial problems. But, strange that Dr. Brain Weiss says 70% of problem in this world are due to relationships, that was a little shocking for me to know, but upon reflection we see that man generally earns not mainly for himself, but for his family or to maintain the status quo in his circle, so it turns out that money is not the end in itself for the vast majority of people but a means to an end and the end being to be loved, honoured and acknowledged in his or her circle.

The problems due to relationships are quite messy at times and we just get carried away in our tit for tat kind of an attitude loosing our amazing selves completely, only to come back and realise and repent for the hurt we’ve given our loved ones. In a moment I will be helping you with the wonderful technique on how we can over come this.

We are like the every changing flame of a candle!

We are a changing being, we are not beings who are etched in stone, we are like the flames of a candle, though appearing to be the same, every moment its the different set of gas molecules getting fused with oxygen and form a new flame. We are the river, we do not step into the same water twice even though we might be setting our feet in the same river. The point I am trying to make is, we are not a pattern that will continue to be the same, with the help of right choice, we can be a completely different person.

Viktor Frankl the fortunate survivor of the cruel concentration camp of the evil Hitler says  about this attitude saved him –“Between the stimulus and the response there is a gap and it is here that you can choose on how to respond to the stimulus”. For example, if someone called you a donkey and between what they called you and how you respond, there is a gap, and in this gap choose to give back only love and tell the other person that “brother/sister I think you have mistaken  I walk on two legs and do not have a tail, so could be that I am not what you say” and do this with all love and speak to be understood. This is so that you are at peace. But instead if you were to respond to this person with anger, it would lead to a quarrel and end up being all messed up and leaving you restless and repenting.

So to no matter what the stimulus the world gives you, make a resolve to make a choice in the gap to give back only love! And why is love so comforting and peaceful, because it’s natural for us to love or it is in our nature to love.

It is in our Nature to Love or rather its natural for us to love.
It is in our Nature to Love
or rather its natural for us to love.