Finding Joy In Guiding The Ship Of Your Life To the Harbour Of Eternal Bliss!

is never an accident.
It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution...”
― Aristotle

This is the helm of Amarantos 

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Striving for excellence in Honest Holistic Healing of Mind And Body for all to regain the joy of living!


Based upon the battle-tested ancient wisdom infusion with the latest findings, improvised to provide evidence-based healing for the problems of this ethos. By fully leveraging the strengths of the latest technology in unison with the irreplaceable personal touch to provide world-class health care.

We maintain a professional relationship with our clients. Ensuring complete confidentiality of their information. Provide them with a respectful, safe, innovative environment to go beyond symptomatic cure… focusing on overall wellbeing.

Our Clients and Our Therapists Are Amarantos!

Its the love, trust and references that we received from our beloved clients that Amarantos could sore to these heights! 

To safe guard the confidentiality of our clients we are unable to name them here. Else we are grateful to each one of them from the bottom of our heart. 

And Our Beloved
Amarantos Trained Therapists

The First ones
The Constellation
The Cygnets!
The Aquilas!
The Asters!
The Lotus Batch
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The Blessed K2 Batch - Aug 2019
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Amaratos Story

Convergence Of Our Life & Amarantos

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Our Life Events


Near Death Experience

Venu drowned to his death due to a mishap in a swimming pool at the age of 10.  Followed by another NDE at the age of 23. 


Spiritual Quest

Venu’s spiritual hunger incited. Commenced unconscious search for the meaning of life in scriptures. 


Globe Trotting

Continuing Spiritual Pursuit internally. For family’s sustenance worked at Infosys, IBM, Unisys & such MNCs. Accoladed as the greatest technologist, published author & innovator.



Exposure to Edgar Cayce, Dr. Raymond Moody, Dr. Ian Stevenson and Dr. Brian Weiss.


Meeting Dr. Brian Weiss

Meeting Dr. Brian Weiss in Denver for a Past Life Regression Therapy Regression workshop where he mentioned about the Training.  


Personal Crisis

In co-founder’s life, where she experiencing a tragedy followed by paranormal activity. Confirmed by several sources. 



Co-Founders marriage and Venu witnessing immense grief for the first time. 


Brother Reincarnated

Murdered brother reincarnated as promised by him after his demise through dreams and mediums. Along with birthmarks, past life traits, fears, likings and other confirmation. But the grief continued and abated only with professional intervention.  


Coached By Dr. Brian Weiss M. D.

In The Omega Institute New York, USA.

Started Amarantos on 19th July!


Amarantos Training

Amarantos grew due to word of mouth and started having an year long waitlist. Which is when we started offering training to add genuine Therapists! Leaping ahead we enabled Doctors, Psychiatrists and Psychologists as well.  

Journey Ahead

Several of Amarantos Trained Therapists Have Launched Their Dream Of Practicing PLRT. Amarantos Finds Joy In Supporting Them and Seeing Them Grow. 


Growth of Amarantos


First Hand Experience Of AfterLife

Scriptural Confirmation

Foundation In Soul

World Wide Exposure

One World View

West Agreeing With East

Occidental + Oriental

Experienced PLRT For The First Time

Confused About PLRT

Solid Proof Of AfterLife

Futility of Knowledge At Times of Grief

Futility Of Spiritual Knowledge

Search To Apply Knowledge

There Is a Way to Handle Emotions

Grief Has To Be Managed

Amarantos Bloomed

PLRT Can Heal Like none.

Amarantos Added Genuine PLRT Therapists

PLRT Can Heal Like none.

Massive Potential

Now Amarantos has expanded to 100+ all across the Globe. With headquarters in Bangalore.

We have acquired 10 acres of land which is a 2 Hours drive from Bangalore further the cause. 

Our Publications

Why Me? Could Your Chronic Problems Be Rooted In Your Past Lives?

My Mystical Past Life

confirmation email from Nasscom qualifying Amarantos as a non-profit org

As of 2020 Amarantos Accounts for the past 7 years have been audited and NASSCOM has qualified it to be a non-profit organisation.
We are in the process of applying for 80G and 12A tax exemption from the Government of India.

Those Were The Best Days Of My Life

– Every Client Of Amarantos


Amarantos has been lucky to receive such love and admiration… 

"Unheard Of Exceptional Consistent Performance!"

Intensive Training & Experiential Workshop

Apply For The Program And On Being Shortlisted You Will Be Able To Attend This Once In A lifetime Experience.

The next upcoming event is from 15th to 19th Aug 2020