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Amarantos® Is the Pioneer In Making PLRT Evidence-Based Healing and Almost Free.


Amarantos® feels blessed in having trained successfully even Doctors, Psychiatrists and Psychologists in this astounding science of new-age healing.

Amarantos PLRT in the light of Neuroscience
Amarantos® Reincarnation Science in the light of Neuroscience.


Dr. Brain Weiss and Dr. Venu Murthy Training

Moreover, in experiencing the joy of sharing Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT), we started a decade ago on this non-profit endeavour and lovingly named it “Amarantos.”

Amarantos® stands for the “The Immortal Flower” in Greek–Which is what YOU really are!

"[Amarantos] PLR is the best thing that happened to me."

Dr. Nisha was trained by Amarantos® In Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT) in Dec 2016 and these were her words after five years of having launched her PLRT practice.

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What is Amarantos® PLRT?

Patanjalian Prati-Prasav

Maharishi Patanjali | Compiler of Yoga sutras – The authoritarian treatise on Yoga

Jungian Active Imagination

Carl Jung Active-Imagination-PLRT
Dr. Carl Jung | Swiss Psychiatrist| Founder of Analytical Psychology

Freudian Free Association

Sigmund Freud's Free Association in PLRT
Dr. Sigmund Freud | Austrian Neurologist | Founder of Psychoanalysis
Edgar Cayce
Dr. Winfred Blake
Dr.  Brian Weiss M. D.
Dr. Raymond Moody
Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
Dr. Edith Fiore
Dr. Stanislav Grof
Dr. Chet Snow
Dr. Gina Cemenira
Dr. Irene Hickman
Dr. Michael Newton
Dr. Ian Stevenson
Dr. Roger Woolger
Dr. Hans TenDam
Dr. Morris Netherton
Dr. Glenn Williston
Dr. Helen Barbera and such stalwarts.

Testimonial of Clinical Psychologist Commandant Yash

Below is the EEG report of a  client who was on psychiatric medications earlier for anxiety and the calmness levels (computed based on alpha and delta brainwave ) at the time of intake was at 28% with the pain level at 10 which is the max on the universal pain scale. 

Post the Amarantos PLR session we see the pain levels dropped to Zero! And the EEG registering a confirmation with calmness levels at 62%. Almost a 221% healing.

Below is the EEG report of this client after a month post driving through peak Bangalore traffic and still recorded a calmness level of 77% 

Confirming Neuroplasticity and Cognitive Restructuring through Amarantos 15 stage process. 

Number of Applicants For This Program

Applicants for all our programs are shortlisted to ensure you get a safe and friendly company. 

Amarantos Trained Therapists

Due to the intensive support provided almost all our students become very successful PLR Therapists.

100 %

Amarantos Programs are objective and evidence-based. In a recent survey, the participants reported this level of healing.

Learn PLRT Professionally through Amarantos® Master Class and start your own practice.

In this only once a year program we share our decade (10years) long experience based on the research of genuine masters over the past 8000 years.

We shortlist only aspirants who demonstrate the potential of being an exceptionally great Amarantos® Certified Professional Past Life Regression Therapist. 

Now, this could be you if all that you have on your mind is to excel in this art and science.

We have consistently demonstrated even in the past that not just Doctors and health workers but even Charted Accountants, students, and homemakers can be exceptionally great PLR Therapists with the support of Amarantos.

How do we do that?

This is done by choosing a dedicated set of individuals and restricting the batch size to provide them Individualized Educational Plan (IEP)

Duration: On Campus – 5 days, Online Support of 6 months  to start your own clinical practice. 

It is our responsibility to make you a successful PLRT Professional and help you generate consistent monthly income. 

Some of Amarantos Trained PLR Therapists are already maintaining a 3 months waitlist! 

Bonus, Our workshops have also proven to bring 300% healing. So heal yourself and also learn to heal your loved ones or your patients. 

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At Amarantos we have a year-long waitlist for a one-on-One session.

Priority is given only to those who are in urgent need of help or are from Amarantos Family (Amarantians) or referred by Amarantos® Certified Professional Past Life Regression Therapist.

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The Amarantos 15 stage PLRT process
The Amarantos 15 stage PLRT process


Amarantos® is the pioneer in systematising and providing a methodical approach to this otherwise abstract science through its 15 stage process.

Amarantos PLRT is Evidence-Based
Evidence-Based Past Life Regression Therapy


Amarantos® is the first in using ELECTROENCEPHALOGRAPHY (EEG) and also providing objective evidence of healing through PLRT, (for, e.g. through verbatim session reports and other KPIs.)

Amarantos Honours Your Privacy
Amarantos Honours Your Privacy


Amarantos® maintains complete confidentiality of its clients' personally identifiable information so that even celebrities and prominent social personalities can also benefit from PLRT.

“It was a homecoming in lots of ways.

A humbling experience…

As a psychiatrist, I felt there was a lot more to learn beyond the medical model of understanding the mind.

Thank you, Venu from bottom of my heart. I pray that you stay the blessed soul…
Amarantos Training Psychiatrists in Past Life Regression Therapy
Dr. Malladi S.

He had attended the Amarantos PLRT Intensive Training and Experiential Workshop in the Aug of 2018 — Aster batch. 


Venu founded Amarantos under the personal guidance of the guru of Past Life Regression Therapy Dr. Brian L. Weiss M.D. in the USA. Dr. Weiss is the world-renowned Psychiatrist, a graduate of Columbia University and Yale Medical School and Chairman Emeritus of Psychiatry at the Mount Sinai Medical Centre in Miami. Also the author of the 1.5 million copies selling classic, “Many Lives, Many Masters.”Other than being the Co-Founder of Amarantos, Mr Venu Murthy is also a most sought after Technologist and Globetrotter. Innovator of very advanced technology, he is also the published author of several technical courses. He did his schooling in Army School and pursued a very successful engineering career. His most recent project has been in architecting the Airport Navigation System for Bangalore International Airport. You can know about all his professional achievements on LinkedIn.Mr Venu has been an ardent student of Ancient Scriptures and Parapsychology for the past 20 years. His life took an unexpected turn after rescuing an entire family committing suicide. That is when he found more value in programming minds to computers. 

Nearly a decade ago he founded Amarantos Past Life Regression Therapy centre in Bangalore.And is also the author of Amazon Bestseller, “Why Me? Could Your Chronic Problems Be Rooted In Your Past Lives?” and “My Mystical Past Life.” He is now personally mentoring genuine aspirants from various facets of life into being a Past Life Regression Therapist to meet the explosive need.


What are the benefits of PLRT?

Why do we need to go back into the forgotten past?


Burst Stress

Stress is created or rather triggered due to our day to day life which could be aggravating our past suffering and phobias all the time. 

Depression is a clinical disorder that is evidenced by excessive sadness, loss of interest in enjoyable things, and low motivation. Cognitive restructuring which is also accomplished through CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) is the synergistic effect of PLRT.

Anger is an energy which is always in search of a target. When turned outside it manifests as temper and when turned within, it is guilt. Most of our psychosomatic illnesses are due to this energy sustained guilt. 

The rate of suicides is actually alarmingly high, and these are perfectly normal people who might be passing through a rough patch in life and seeing no way out. There are two suicide taking place every minute. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we held their hand and let them know that they are not alone?

In an anxiety-related disorder, your fear or worry does not go away and can get worse over time. It can influence your life to the extent that it can interfere with daily activities like school, work and/or relationships

Relieve repressed emotions; release the past hurts.

Heal all psychosomatic illnesses

Avoid illness, chronic diseases like asthma and other breathing problems.

There are so many phobias. Irrational fears are phobias.  

Reverse Self-destructive behaviour which is a result of guilt. 

Manage Grief due to the demise of loved one.

Facilitate deaddiction from Drugs, Smoking, Alcohol and etc… 

Which are again Psychosomatic Illnesses 

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is characterised by unreasonable thoughts and fears (obsessions) that lead to compulsive behaviours.

Anything we resist, persists. Hence it is possible to overcome the depression which follows breakups. 

We follow the Elizabeth Kubler-Ross model for this purpose. 


Which is the most in the Now!

Bringing in Harmony in relationships. Like our Master says, we come here repeatedly to exercise our muscle of love. 

Forgive your parents, siblings, spouse, children, colleagues.


Heal Psychosomatic diseases which are chronic 

By being more effective. 

Develop latent talents and unlock personal potentials.

To be abreast develop confidence, power, control and choice in all actions. 

Transform from yourself to being action oriented rather than just reacting to what life throws at you. Click here to Read an amazing article on this front. 

Find your passion.

Find what you do would love to do and do what you love, needless to say that you will never have to work! 

Uncover the meaning and know the purpose of your life.

Learn visualisation for self-healing and reaching the life that you envision for yourself. 

Learn to take action proactively instead of reacting to situations.

Learn the Profound Art of controlling your mind.

Being a holistic healing program learn to master the art of living your life.

A family of individuals who are high on integrity and passionate about reaching out. 

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