What is Past Life Regression Therapy

Take a Deep breath!

Let us understand it using an example from our everyday life; suppose you have a severe headache.

First, we acknowledge this abnormal state.

Second, we retrospect on what could be the cause. The symptoms could have several causes, for example, maybe you went out in the cold without warm clothing or are stressed about something or n number of reasons. 

In most of the cases knowing the cause is half the solution. Like in this example, by knowing the reason, we can zero down on an apt solution.


Now there are two aspects to healing:-

  1. Remedial — We could take some medication or apply a balm or sleep. Which could mostly be a symptomatic cure.
  2. Preventive — Ensuring to take precautions to avoid getting headaches by integrating our experience.
    Knowledge, when applied, becomes wisdom. We use the knowledge of the cause of our headache to prevent it and also cure ourself and also help others not have headaches.

So this going back in time to the cause of our headache or core cause of issues is a sample of regression.

Similarly, there are some unexplained mental or physical conditions in us which are most of the times chronic and do not leave us in peace in spite of the persistent medication or conventional remedies or assertions, which is when we realise that scratching the surface of these symptoms will just not work!
Phobias or fears for example of heights and water might in no way link to a cause in the present life.

For there is an exciting case discussed in the book “Many Mansions: Edgar Cayce On Reincarnation.” Reference is made to a man who was afraid of feathers! How strange could this be? How can someone explain this and how awkward a situation even to seek medical help or even the conventional psychotherapy or hypnosis, where you might get the suggestion, “Next time you see a feather, you are not going to fear it!” The roots of such fears are generally in our past lives.

In case of our above example, Edgar Cayce was able to tap the Akashic records for this man. He channelled that the in the subject’s previous incarnation he was mortally injured by some tribals and left in a desolate place to die. Unfortunately, birds of prey, instead of death came to him sooner, and while these vultures and such devoured him, the feathers would drop on him. He was fully conscious until the last bit of flesh was pulled out of his body. This traumatic event planted the painful seed into his psyche, and the sight of a feather would shoot up the memories of this pain!

Renowned philosophers and seers discovered that bringing the initial trauma to consciousness, cathartically* releasing it (a process therapists call abreaction) and integrating what has been felt and learned is effective. Similar to “lancing a boil in a controlled environment”, i.e. by cutting it open it gets cleaned off the puss and medication becomes more effective.

*The term catharsis has also been adopted by modern psychotherapy, particularly Freudian psychoanalysis, to describe the act of expressing, or more accurately, experiencing the deep emotions often associated with events in the individual’s past which had initially been repressed or ignored and had never been adequately addressed or experienced.

It still thrills me whenever I even imagine the number of chronic issues that can be solved using the power of Past Life Regression Therapy!

With the increasing demands of the modern lives, we seem to have lost our connection with our inner being– the pristine us–our joyful state when we were children and hence are so stressed and worried–all the time. It has in spite of all the creature comforts increased the suffering.  

What is tragic about them is that these negative emotions are spontaneous and cannot be overcome just by willing.

Here are some of the issues which can be alleviated through PLRT:
Suicidal tendencies, which are taking two lives every minute…

Chronic diseases like asthma and such breathing problems…

Fears or phobias of snakes, heights, water…

Addictions to drugs, smoking, alcohol…

Grief due to the demise of a loved ones…
Headaches due to stress…


Obesity and Digestion related problems…

Above is just a list of prominent problems solved using the Past Life regression therapy (if we were to list all, it would run into several scrolls!)

Unlike psychiatry, Past Life Regression Therapy is not a patchwork or a short term solution to remove the symptom leaving behind the root cause of the issue to take another shape and reappear.

There Is Nothing New About PLRT

It is an ancient unfailing and time tested method of treatment. Using the help of focused attention — hypnosis, meditation and the most critical ingredient–trust, we would be taking you deeper within yourself and using the Amarantos® 15 Stage PLRT Process dig out the root cause of a psychological problem (mental) which might have a physiological (physical) symptom.

You would be happy to know that Past Life recollections happen almost on a daily basis to all of us, just that we are not aware of it. For example, when you meet someone, and you feel that you have met this person before or seen them somewhere but just can’t remember. Or go to a new place but which seems familiar to us. Or some places and people invoke a sense of uneasiness or affinity. It is all the far-memories getting triggered in our Unconscious mind.
Moreover, our dreams, it is said that if we maintain a journal for our dreams and update it on a day to day basis, within a few days, we would be able to identify a pattern and get some reflections of our past life.
Some talents as well could be attributed to being carried over from our past lives.


The time tested Yoga that we know of is based on the Treatise of Sri Patanjali Maharishi, where he has also mentioned about a process Prati-Prasav (which can be loosely translated as Re-birthing) through which our “Samskaras” — Impressions can be burned and the Goal of Yoga attained.




PLRT is similar to the  

Einstein’s thought experiments 

Amarantos – A Tribute to the Masters of Past Life Regression Therapy

Dr Brian Weiss M.D. is no doubt the master of Past Life Regression Therapy, who due to his scholarly, charismatic, genuine and down to earth personality has been the sun in this field of Past Life Regression Therapy. However, we would also like to have the joy of recollecting all the masters who have contributed so immensely to this field, even if they appear to be as feeble as a star.
In the pre-google days, all of these masters, whether they were certified psychologists or psychiatrist, stumbled upon this infallible therapy, which shocked them, until their research and enquiries confirmed that it was something that worked for their patients who were hardly being healed by conventional therapy.


Our Hero - Edgar Cayce

The most important thing we can do while here is learn to love!
– Dr. Brian Weiss

Fears and Myths Regarding PLRT

Inspite of so much research and evidence of the healing power of PLRT, there are so many fears which are blocking people from enjoying its bounty. 

Fears Related To PLR