Amarantos PLRT Is A Registered
Not-For-Profit endeavour


Amarantos has been founded by those who have experienced for themselves the power of PLRT and are endeavouring to share this joy.

As of 2020 Amarantos Accounts for the past 10 years have been audited and NASSCOM has qualified it to be a non-profit organisation.

Our Sole Goal is Healing!

We aspire to add genuine PLR Therapists who can “Wipe A Tear and Bring A Smile” helping clients regain the joy of living so be rest assured that you will get the highest quality service at the lowest possible rates anywhere in the world. 

Find it cheaper elsewhere and get cashback for the difference*

Cost of Past Life Regression Therapy
" projects which were blocked just magically are moving in the right direction, decisions seems more confident... everything seems magical."
Senior Manager at LEADING FMCG, Mauritius

Nailah attended the Amarantos® PLRT program in the Lotus Batch — Dec 2018

Learn PLRT Professionally through Amarantos® Master Class and start your own practice.

In this only once a year program we share our decade (10years) long experience based on the research of genuine masters over the past 8000 years.

We shortlist only aspirants who demonstrate the potential of being an exceptionally great Amarantos® Certified Professional Past Life Regression Therapist. 

Now, this could be you if all that you have on your mind is to excel in this art and science.

We have consistently demonstrated even in the past that not just Doctors and health workers but even Charted Accountants, students, and homemakers can be exceptionally great PLR Therapists. 

How do we do that?

This is done by choosing a dedicated set of individuals and restricting the batch size to provide them Individualized Educational Plan (IEP)

Duration: On Campus – 5 days, Online – 6 months to a year. 

It is our responsibility to make you a successful PLRT Professional and help you generate consistent monthly income. 

Some of Amarantos Trained PLR Therapists are already maintaining a 3 months waitlist! 

Bonus, Our workshops have also proven to bring 300% healing. So heal yourself and also learn to heal your loved ones or your patients. 

Amarantos Certified Professional Past LIfe Regression Therapist Badge

It was an excellently organised workshop throughout. Demonstration of PLRT by Venu was the highest point. Seniors appearing at the end made it more interesting and encouraging. We felt that the joy of seeing someone becoming happy through your facilitation is really indescribable.

DGP K. K. Sharma IPS

Director General of Police

At Amarantos we have a year-long waitlist for a one-on-One session.

Priority is given only to those who are in urgent need of help or are from Amarantos Family (Amarantians) or referred by Amarantos® Certified Professional Past Life Regression Therapist.

Thank you for dropping by!
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