Are you a React-or or an Act-or?

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Based on people’s action orientation, we could categorize them into two categories:-
1. Act-ors

By the end of this article, you will be able to know how to make this distinction and use it to your advantage. In either becoming an Actor or learning how to deal with React-ors.

We’ve experienced that when we want to plan a meetup with our acquaintances, it hardly takes off the ground. Even if it does with your efforts and, once you announce a date, there will be some who will start saying that, on that day they have some other engagement. They would be able to give excuses but not a date. So the one who zeroed down to a date and time from the “lets meet sometime” is the one who is Action oriented. And hence we could call her or him Actor–the one who acts on the world. These are the people who are proactive. While the rest want to react to what the world throws at them. Slowly the Universe comes to know of this and hence starts throwing garbage or whatever is left over after the Act-ors have had their full.

Below is a small screenshot from the full image from the best seller “7 Habits of the Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey.

There are two things for us, the Circle of Influence in which we can act. These are things in our control and the Act-ors do their best in not leaving a stone unturned inside this circle. Learn to take action proactively instead of reacting to situations. Like they say, these are the people who carry their own Weather. The seas can be rough or calm, but the skill of the sailor keeps the ship moving safely in the right direction! Be proactive, if you are not interested in yourself, nobody else will be. Identify your aspirations, the blockers to these and systematically work towards achieving these. Move from the back seat driver of a React-or to being the captain to the ship of Your life!

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— Anitha Niranjan
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