Evidence Based PLRT

Is Past Life Regression As Evidence-Based As Medicine?

I understand that Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT) appears to be some dark art if not a quasi-science. Or like some Psychologists call it pop-psychology but end up sending their daughters and wives for sessions with me. However, being a scientist for almost two decades. I am addicted to the “scientific” proof and below are my empirical findings.

Starting with–all the one-on-one sessions at Amarantos are validated using the EEG (Electroencephalography a device used to measure brainwave), as there is a spectacular correlation between the calmness levels and the predominant brainwave. For example, below is a brainwave reading of a client before the beginning of PLRT sessions and after 16 hours of PLRT sessions.

An EEG reading of a client before and after PLRT sessions at Amarantos.

What we see in the report is that there are three bands, the upper one is the active state when the brain is in Beta brainwave, the middle one is the neutral relaxed state, that is when the brainwave is in Alpha state, and the lower one the Delta state where the brain is working at a 0 to 4 Hz frequency.

We can clearly see the 355% increase in calmness levels within a few PLRT sessions using the Amarantos® 15 Stage PLRT Process. 

That being the case let us now move on to the Amarantos PLRT programs whose objective is to learn PLRT through Experiential workshops. The participants are requested to mark their pain levels before and after the 5 day intensive program based upon the universal pain scale.

universal pain scale

Below is an analysis of a dataset from the Regression Therapy Intensive Training & Experiential Workshop that we were honoured to conduct from 15th to 19th August 2018–the batch lovingly referred to as the Asters.

They had submitted anonymously the below mental, emotional, or Psychological and Physiological pain levels of the before and after the Amarantos PLRT Program.

Pain Assessment Before The Amarantos® Aster ProgramPain Assessment On The Last Day of the Program

The Total Score Before the Program = 175
The Total Score After the Program = 60

The Average Pain Level Before The program = 6.48

The Average Pain Level After The program = 2.22

Which proclaims a 291.9 % reduction in pain.

Which means that the participants had a 300% healing with the power of PLRT

Now you might wonder what if there was a relapse and these scores from the 5 days training program could be short-term healing. If that is the case, we would recommend that you watch the “Amarantos Alumni” video where the Amarantos Students share their healing stories two years after having attended the Amarantos PLRT program.

Amarantos Alumni Video

Watch this video to know how life has been after 2 years of being with Amarantos.

Some trivia about the Amarantos PLRT Training and Workshops:-

– Most of the participants for these programs are the lovely people who have come to Amarantos as clients for PLRT sessions. Some of them had come as far back as five years ago.

– The PLRT Programs are attended by Doctors, Radiologists, Medics, Psychologists and Psychiatrists from across the world as well.

Like my master Dr. Weiss says, there is an explosive interest in PLRT. I envision that the need for a genuine PLR Therapist in each one’s life will be as inevitable as our cell phone!

Click on this link to know more about the Amarantos Professional Past Life Regression Therapy Intensive Training and Experiential Workshops.