At the Holocaust…. Again!


IMG_20150903_220837“Lets go to the Berlin TV tower… no to Checkpoint Carlie… no Berlin wall”, but my plans was otherwise.Venu_Parliment

I was on a work assignment to Berlin a few weeks ago. It was very tight scheduled and with hardly any time to see anything.  But in that short span of time I wanted to attempt visiting the Holocaust.

Holocaust is the name given to that dark episode in human history, which took place not so long ago.

It was the systematic extermination of jews and non-Germanic sects from Europe. Planned and executed by Adolf Hitler’s Nazi regime. More can be know about it here.

In a similar blog where I had tried to capture my training under Dr. Brian Weiss, there is a mention of all of us who were at Omega having been together some decades ago. But then it was in that God forsaken place, the Holocaust. We had the officer of that life time who had incinerated all of us also attend this training… and who was overwhelmed with guilt… and how Past Life regression therapy helped her overcome or manage that guilt…. you can read more about it in that blog. IMG_20150905_174359

Memorial to the Murdered Sinti and Roma Victims of National Socialism

If Karma is real so is my experience of having gone to Germany.  I had my own doubts of the holocaust and inspite of my friends from the Past Life Regression Therapy training having experienced the after effects of living with the trauma of holocaust, I did not feel as strongly as I should have. I always wondered about it.

As is the case with all the past life experiences this too was no different in being abstract and obscure.

Having arrived on the little gloomy day of the last days of summer, I wasn’t sure of what i would expect in this rustic European city. My first experience was that it was familiar. It did not feel like being in a foreign place, could be that it was as “unmaintained” as India. Inspite of being jet lagged, I thought of seeing around as I would mostly be in conference and wouldn’t be able to see anything in the following days.

It was a wet drizzling evening and I walked out of the hotel which was in “Wallstreet”@ mitte, I found myself on the banks of the river “Spree” which was trying to blend itself into the city.

Passing by a bridge, I saw that there were homeless camping below the bridge…. No matter how affluent a country appears in the world news, I find homeless people everywhere.
There was neither the joy nor anticipation of having arrived at a foreign place nor the expectation that I would experience something out of the ordinary.

IMG_20150905_213529Walking down towards the Brandenburg Gate, there were a few places which started to move my inner being, the grange and glory was being overlapped by my memories from within of the pre war and at war Berlin. It seemed that I had experienced various polarities while at Germany. It seemed like I had a beautiful simple life and then the authorities moved me to the extermination camp. My son of my life time in Africa– Al Suzuki who is a world renowned Psychiatrist and practicing in her clinic at Tokyo had  experienced the gassing in her regression. She had felt a great resentment on seeing a yellow powder– an insecticide used to kill us all. She had no clue on what it was but some research in this matter showed that this powder was called Zyklon B.

While I was there, it seemed like the place I was in was “triggering” the “anchors” of feeling intimidation and of being insignificant. Which started to over power me, I could only witness all of this. My mind was over reacting to things. Seems like the place had acted as a trigger to express the anchors of pain and resentment from within. Everything appeared to be an act of heartlessness. Scene after scene passed through my mind in the form of flashes, yes of course the rational conscious mind had its own doubts.

Gas chamber?
Gas chamber?

Stepping into the holocaust was the moment of truth. Though I couldn’t reach on time and was allowed to just go around the buildings and not into the upper floors, I think that in itself was enough to bring chills to my spine. 

It has taken me days of avoiding to complete this blog, but I have finally completed it. Hope you get to realise that our limited human existence is not as rational as we think we are. I continue to wonder if we were so rational how could man be such an enemy of man and if this enmity cased with the holocaust? 

What were they guarding!
What were they guarding!
An execution order for a 19 years old boy.
An execution order for a 19 years old boy.