Jessy from Malaysia’s Feedback From Her Clients After PLRT Training From Amarantos

Jessy came from Malaysia along with her sister for the 5 – Day PLRT Program by Amarantos in the Aug 2018. Here is a video where she shares her training experience.

After the 5 days training, she went back and started her practice and within a few days received the below feedback from her clients!

———–Client 1 ———–

Hi, my name is xxxx. I am a Malaysian Chinese. I was given this wonderful
opportunity by Jessy to experience past life regression and was introduced to Jessy by another Chinese Friend.

Few years ago my condition was quite bad due to the pain that I had in my shoulder, nose bone and hip bone due to cancer. After doing this regression the pain was gone.

I felt so relief because I used to get constant pain and I suffered a lot.
I can’t thank Jessy enough to help me see my past life and that had resolve most of my pains and aches. I consider myself so lucky to be part of her Assignment.
She explained to me about the past life therapy before I filled up the contract form and asked me I had any questions or doubts. Together with the eye roll test. Jessy asked me about my life history from childhood and the purpose of me doing this regression. I realized that all the previous pain and impact had disappeared. At this moment I do not have this pain and ache but I always feel that there is something else which I am not learning and lack of understanding.
I have to change my character and emotions. I was queries to know where I went wrong and I want learn my lesson and improve my life quality that’s why I was very excited when Jessy called me.
I was in China and got back home on the 20th September and Jessy was kind enough to wait for me. I noticed that I give up easily and ended up taking my life many times. By experiencing this regression, I managed to get into many pastlife whereby I noticed all is due to anger, anxiety, frustration, sadness, hopelessness and I gave up easily. I understand where my emotion was coming from.
My karma was very heavy, due to my irresponsible attitude and not learning my lesson. Honestly I felt very light when I was uplifted towards the light. I also wanted to know why I was unable to conceive for many years and after experiencing and witnessing this past life I understood the mistakes I did for not being a responsible mother and killing a mother and a baby monkey.
Not only that I killed many animals.

Always ran away from responsibility and not being a good mother.
This really made me realized about myself. I have adopted two kids which are 3 month old baby girl and 1 year plus girl. I feel that I am given a second chance to grow spiritually and I am going to shower them with love and cherish them. I feel calm and strong in character then before.

My meditation had also help me a lot which made me easier to go into many pastlife. Jessy was kind enough to sent me the report. And before I went home we had a discussion of my suicide patterns and the reason behind the emotion that I am going through and unable to conceive.
I was so satisfied and cannot thank this sweet lady for her dedication in helping me witnessing past life. She conducted the therapy very well.
Thank you. Jessy may god bless you and I was happy that I came to you and it brought changed in my life. I wish you all the best.

Yours Sincerely,

———– Client 2 ————

I received a message from Jassie asking my help to write a short summary of my past life therapy session with her. As such below is my experience.
My appointment with her was done in a very professional manner. I arrived at her place one hour early.
She explained to me the details of past life therapy. In fact, I was quite interested in it… I was very comfortable, in fact, she made me very comfortable…. My eyes remained closed during the session and my focus was on her voice. Mentally I was fully awake as I could completely hear her voice throughout the session though I felt myself in a very relaxed state of mind. I could feel some sensations around the body. A feel of warmness around myself.

Overall, I believe that I have received abundant healing. I feel better than before. I noticed that my memory has increased. I was recognizing people around me who were my office colleagues and my college mates 15 years ago. Usually, I was am very weak in recognizing people but it so happened that I after this session I met two people within one week whom I was able to recognize their faces and names after 15 years. It’s really a miracle.

Please do not hesitate to contact me via my e-mail, WhatsApp or mobile number should you need more information…

—- Jessys feedback about the training she received from Amarantos!——–

No doubt that I had a little experience doing Past Life Therapy previously but
I was a bit nervous because due to lack of self-confidence. Firstly because the
regression that I experience was done in huge groups. There was no proper
technique. Now by learning this 15 steps in Amarantos I have gained more
confidence in improving my Regression skills and have a better idea in using
many different Vizualisations… and several other techniques…

Overall I would say all the 15 steps that I was tough in Amarantos is very Important and I will definitely use it in my regression. I also notice the history taking was important as it was easy to get direct into the issue that the client wants to resolve. All this had given me so much of idea how to conduct the Past Life Regression in a professional way. I feel so confident and am ready to conduct more Past Life Regression.

Thank you Amarantos and my beloved Master Venu.



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