My First Meeting with Dr. Brian Weiss in Denver

I was going to start my journey into past life, may be the above plane in Chicago airport was indicative of this!

It was my first visit to Denver, the Himalaya like place of US. But I did not know that I was going to meet the real living Himalayan peak — Dr. Brian Weiss.

By the infinite grace of a great Master, I was being guided in my readings and was blessed to have read, “Life after Life” and “The light Beyond” — classic books by Dr. Raymond Moody. I was not only thrilled that what ever I had read in the hindu scriptures about out of body experiences was real i.e. we continue to exist even without our body.

Then I was given “Many Mansions–Edgar Cacye on reincarnation” by Dr. Gina Cerminara, oh! what a book! it changed the thought patterns in my mind forever. I was from then very conscious of even a thought that arose in me, as it would have a consequence eventually! This was a classic and my favourite book.

If the above were as delightful as a cake, the icing on it was “Many Lives Many Masters” – A phenomenal book, deceptively simple and so easy that it seeped into my pores, I just loved this book, and I was thrilled that all that I had heard since childhood about rebirth and karma was so true. Catherine not only changed Dr. Brian Weiss, but also several blessed ones like us. In my hunger for books by Dr. Weiss, I then devoured “Same soul many bodies” and “Messages from the Masters”. These books possessed my mind and since I was not fortunate to have met Edgar Cacye, I just wanted to meet Dr. Brain Weiss no matter what.

TicketI searched for Dr. Brian Weiss and found out that he was conducting a 5 days Professional Past life regression therapist training workshop at Omega, I couldn’t get a seat in it as it was full, but I wanted to meet him at the earliest and came know that there was a “An All-day Workshop with Brian Weiss, M.D” in Denver after a few days.

Lucky for me I was in Chicago then and wanted to meet him, but it was going to be a very expensive affair, may be it was the day when I spent the highest in my life, but every penny was worth it, or rather it was a priceless experience. I booked my tickets for this workshop, booked flight tickets and cab and waited for this awesome day when I would be able to see this Saint in flesh and blood.


I couldn’t sleep the night of 29th in my excitement, woke up very early and it was a cold Chicago morning, much colder due to the Michigan lake.

I had to reach the Midway Airport in Chicago and to save some money, thought of taking the bus, I had checked the timings of it on the net and waited for a scheduled city bus and boarded the bus, it was my first time in city bus, I was in the downtown on Michigan avenue, everything was walkable distance including the office and would go to airport by taxi hence I did not know that we had to pay by the City bus prepaid card or tender exact change to the machine. I dug my pocket to find two dollars but found only one along with some higher denomination bills. It was too early in the morning to ask some one for change, and if I missed this bus I would’ve missed my flight, for want of a dollar I was going to miss everything I was looking forward to. But kindness came to my rescue, the lovely driver of this bus, did not get annoyed and took out a dollar bill from his pocket and slid it into the machine, oh! what a relief, how could I ever pay him back? Until this day I would not keep a purse, as I thought that it would invoke some greed and possessiveness for money, but it was on this day that I decided to keep a purse and keep some change in it always. With a grateful heart I got off the bus and walked the deserted and dark street to the airport, it was a small airport. Went to have some quick breakfast, broke the 100 dollar bill (still remember the cashier’s expression upon seeing such a high denomination note). It was such a quite airport compared to the International one. Boarded the flight and in 1.5 hours reached Denver, the snow capped mountains and cool winds were just amazing, it was like Himalayas!


I had checked that there was a bus from the Airport to  Denver Merchandise Mart – Plaza at the Mart, Denver. I went to the deserted platform for this bus and after a little wait and not being sure if the bus would even come as I was the only one, but wonder of wonders the bus finally came and I greeted the very gentle and sensible driver and boarded the bus. It departed from the platform with that only passenger which was I!

This was very stranger, the bus came on time in a deserted place, it was OK to even operate with a single passenger, kudos to America!

It was a long journey to hub and the route was deserted but very scenic, with ice capped mountains in the background it was just awesome.




The driver and I had a lovely chat and it was such a memorable journey, I still remember Paul and took a picture of him and he so much appreciated and even followed the practice of living a debt free life.

He dropped me at a hub from where I was take another bus, once again it was a deserted place and I wondered if another bus would even come, but it did come and on time. Thank God, this one had some people in it, and finally it took me to the Mart, this place had a full parking lot but not many people around, finally I found the place where this workshop was to happen, I went in and the only disappointing thing was that it had a lot and lot of people. But at the same time I was happy that in US people are so open to these ideas and eager to learn about it, that too at such a price.




Finally Dr. Brain Weiss walked into the room, he was so humble and saintly at the same time every gesture of his was very sweet.



I had written the below just a few days after this workshop.

Had the darshan of Sri Brian Weiss, what an unassuming man, with absolutely no criticism towards anyone. The hall was too crowded but still there was the impact of his regressions, I recalled something strange… in short it was something like i was a very old and poor peasant sometime, an old short lady sometime, a loving awareness looking at a dead body in a coffin ….. i was about to reach a point which could feel was the entry to that store of past life memories but someone coughed or sneezed next to me and i was kicked back into present very harshly, my heart throbbing, and a bad head ace, other time the same thing happened with one’s mobile ringing….

But what was the most touching bit was there was going to be book signing at the end of the session and a long queue was waiting for him, but I had a plane to catch (as it would have been expensive to rent a room in Denver that night), so I just went to him before he started the ritual, and shook hands with him, and told him that I was from India and he told me that in Professional Past Life regression training session that he had conducted last  week, there were several people who were from India. It was then that I made a firm resolve to attend this training.

The cab to the airport was waiting for me and I boarded the flight and back to Chicago. There was power cut in the flight and the presence of mind of the air hostess made the grave situation funny, “this is our rehearsal for the halloween day!”