What happens when a Past Life Regression therapist is Regressed!

“Even a best barber cannot give himself a good hair cut! can he?!”

Thanks to all the lovely people who’ve expressed their joy of going through our earlier blog “My training with Dr. Weiss”. It’s been more than an year since I had the joy of meeting Dr. Weiss and the lovely people at Omega training institute in New York for Professional Past Life Regression Therapy certification.

I had written about my Shannon son of 3600BC when I was a hunter in Africa, she is Ai Suzuki in this lifetime, a very prominent Past Life Regression Therapist in Tokyo, Japan. She has been blessed with such skill that anyone is bound to find a solution for what they are seeking. And in that African life time I had a daughter too who I was fortunate to meet at Omega, though she is elder to me in this lifetime, she is a global trotter and a very advanced Past Life Regression Therapy practitioner. These two had met in a Dr. Weiss conference in Italy a few months ago and had exchanged their expertise which has benefited me immensely, in a while I will try to recollect what they are.

Setting the context, in the year 2010 when I attended Dr. Weiss workshop in Denver, I did have some recollections in the group regression session, but it is only now after so many years that I am able to realise the impact of that experience. However I have always been in group regression and even when Dr. Weiss was conducting them, I felt that the results are not as good as a one on one session, so I had even purchased tapes of his regression sessions and they only helped me sleep better!

For quite sometime now, I have been just envying the relaxation of my clients while they are in trance and or when they are healing or finding solutions to their problems and coming out of the sessions joyfulli. I always wished that I was a subject and someone conducts a one on one Past Life Therapy on me to enjoy the peace and healing. Ai Suzuki, was kind enough to offer me one such opportunity. We fixed up a time and did this over video conferencing…. I had my doubts about it and the first question I asked her was on what if the connection snapped and she very amusingly said that, in that case you will have to open your eyes and search for the connect button, press it and go back into trance again! 🙂

So we began with the universal prayer and I never knew that this prayer could also take care of keeping the internet connection intact (as it is no small thing in India to have continuous power and internet for a few hours!).

She tried the progressive relaxation in perfect english, and for the first time, I was able to feel what my clients would have felt when I was regressing them for the past 1year now. This really works and relaxes! No wonder why the clients woke up so refreshed and rejuvenated!

We had chosen to work on my headaches due to Sinusitis. To start off with, she asked me to image a door and “I made one up”! 🙂 There was a lot of interference from my conscious mind. And it was commenting and creating doubts throughout, but I kept reminding myself to flow on and just acknowledge the comments and say that we can deal with it latter, i.e. “after the dots get connected”.

At the count of one I opened the door and cold water started to gush out of the door, waves of chill ran throughout my body, a lot of discomfort and at the same time, a part of my mind was commenting on the experience and was wondering if it all were true, and this part was in fact shocked at seeing the body react in this way. I seemed to have drowned in that water and moving ahead, I saw the dead body wearing white cloths floating in the midst of the vast sea/ocean. There was the dazzling sun light on the calm ocean and I was floating above and watching it all, immersed in the experience, just enjoying the great release and the freedom. Ai Suzuki was kind enough to allow me to enjoy this experience and gave me sometime, while she was sending her healing to me. She told me that she had seen a lot of water coming out of my left ear, even before I started speaking about this experience and she was healing me with her prayer and energy.

The strange thing about this experience was that I was absolutely at peace, no trace of sadness at having left the body, just enjoying the dazzling play of the morning sun rays on the calm waves of the sea….

Moving back to my childhood in that lifetime, I saw that I was in the same island that I have always recollected when I think of an island and Ai Suzuki and I latter realised that when ever I would draw something in my childhood, I was trying to draw this island. I had a lovely childhood here, saw myself as a small boy, ugly 🙂 but plump, not too dark skinned to be somewhere in Africa, nor fair skinned to be somewhere in Europe, may be it was somewhere in Asia… I enjoyed my time in the island, I just loved the sea, the sunshine and such. Moving ahead to the next most significant event in that lifetime, I had suddenly become so handsome, lean and such… but there seemed to have been a fight with my parents, we couldn’t figure out the cause, but they are the same parents, I have in this birth too. While integrating the experience, Ai Suzuki told me that the message she got very strongly for me was “To believe in yourself”, we will discuss latter on why I was shocked to hear this.

In that lifetime, I had married, had more than 3 children and I was a fisherman, who felt very rich, because of the island, the sea and the sunlight. No wonder why I feel that same when ever I am on the sea shore. Nature made me feel so rich and content, the sea provided everything that my family need. I was so peaceful and content, (I remember now that even yesterday I was telling my junior at work on how the happiness index of small islands is the highest when compared to any other countries and he in his naive way said, “yes! because they have no neighbours to trouble them”)

I seemed to have drowned in a storm, but there was absolutely no sadness or repentance, I was in bliss throughout and I realised now on why I enjoy doing what ever I do.

Then she guided me to my master whose warm presence I felt as soon as I had left the body and he was taking me somewhere and I heard a loud noise originating from my left ear, it’s the kind of monotone noise that continues to ring in our ears after we’ve heard some blast or something unbearably loud. I told Ai Suzuki about it and she was able to lead me to another past birth which was the cause for this….

amarantos horse

“I see a furious well built horse, with it’s forelegs going up in the air and coming down on my head, repeatedly, I am wearing an amour, a little blackish to be made of bronze and seemed like I was exhausted. There is so much of a gloom all around, deadbodies of soldiers scattered all around, with puddles of blood, a very gory scene and this horse trampling me… trying to kill me…. I was not able to take it anymore, so Ai Suzuki moved me to the begining of that life, where I was once again a boy of 5years, running around massive pillers of a building which was under construction and I had seen this place in movies and pictures, but never until now knew that I was connected with it. This is the reason the research on Past Life Regression Therapy says that one of the characteristics of past life memories are that they are “Isomorphic”, viz. they would be related to our current experiences or phase of life… and having seen these things earlier were triggering those memories but I wasn’t giving them any importance.

She gently moved me ahead and I saw the village I was living in, it seemed to be somewhere in Europe, very clean and at a scenic place, with cobbled main road, but there was no sunshine, there was a gloom… the gloom of war… we were going to fight with someone. I was not able to recollected the year of this but my mind kept telling me that this was what we call the “medieval times”! [googling for it now revealed this “the Middle Ages, or Medieval period, lasted from the 5th to the 15th century.”]
So was in this beautiful village, but gloomy and wet, the next scene was of me looking at a stable, where there was this red brownish horse, looking at me. The look as I understood then was “Evil”, it is not like other animals, it had an intelligence and it looked at me in a weird way.
We moved ahead to the next most significant event and even though I was reluctant to fight in a way, I was a soldier and there was a dark river of war army on horse backs striding down a green hill. The gory war had come to an end where I was overwhelmed with sadness and physically incapable to walk was lying on the battle ground and this horse was trying to trample me.

Thanks to Ai Suzuki’s presences of mind and expertise in this area, she suggested if we tried rescripting or reframing (Bandler or Vietnamese Doctor’s magical formula) and I was in for it. We moved ahead in that lifetime as a soldier, “allowing myself to be open for a wonderful, happy and fulfilling life” and see what could have been done to get that. I saw myself again as a small boy playing around and as I was growing up, I was gaining more and more knowledge and with the help of this knowledge I was speaking to everyone about the power of Love and since I was a scholar, people respected me and my words and with the help of this the war was averted and there was so much of peace everywhere. My village people loved me a lot and were ever eager to listen to me about the magic of Love! I seemed to be living in a cave in the midst of a desert but in spite of no greenery that place looked so bathed in light. Amusing I looked like a very learned man, with a beard and a long robe and people hovering around me wanting to listen about Love. Moving ahead I was a bright being of light, with the silhouette of a man wearing a long robe, with light filling it in completely, I was glad to see all the people surrounding the body but not crying as they had all matured enough to understand that nobody really dies! But inspite of this, there was a strange looking boy, who seemed to be very attached to me, was leaning over my dead body placing his head on its heart and just sitting there, not crying really but just missing me. There was something strange about this boy, I could sense that he was huge but was a small boy and had a big head and suddenly I had a “aaa ha moment”, this boy was that horse which was trying to kill me… ah now I understood the whole thing, this horse knew it that I could avert the war just by opening up my mouth, but was angry that I was shy and was not opening my mouth to speak about Love and preempt the gory war. But when I had changed he so much appreciated me….

Needless to say its been two weeks since this experience, for the first two days after the session, my symptoms aggravated, but as the days as going by I am feeling more and more better…. and Ai Suzuki and gave me the honour of conducting her regression session in lieu of this. What a lucky father I am!