Near Death Experience

Several of us have experienced surviving out of our body. I’ve had such experiences twice. When I was five years old, I was drowning in a swimming pool and was almost dead and rescued by the coach. The second time was in my 20s when I was donating blood, and I zoned out. These are compelling experiences as they change the very fabric of our being.

Geetha Vishwanathan who is from the Amarantos Constellation Batch has kindly agreed to share with you one of her very intimate experience which can change the way we look at life forever!


Below is her Near Death Experience as written by her.

On the 4th of June 2011, I was admitted in the K.R.Hospital, Bangalore for
undergoing a surgery… After the required tests
and injections, I was taken into the operation theatre at around 11.00 AM and I
was given local anesthesia and 2 doctors started my surgery. I was wide awake
and hearing them talk. The feeling I was experiencing was although not painful
but there was a lot of fear, anxiety and the words ‘Sairam Sairam’ were
automatically being chanted continuously. I was hearing the discussion of the
doctors, my doctor was explaining me the happenings, since I guess she could
understand the tension and fear I was undergoing through.
Suddenly I do not know what happened since it all happened in a flash. I could
clearly see Swamy and as a small baby would hold its mother tightly I was
holding on to him very very tightly. We were moving very very fast through a
beautiful tunnel I was reduced to only a point of light there was no body at all, HE
became a big ball of fire. The speed was probably more or equal of speed of light
because I could only feel that I was floating up and UP could not see anything
else in the sides. There was no feeling of fear or anxiety I guess because Swamy
was there I was in bliss. After moving we reached a place which was full of
PEACE. There was nothing like happiness, thoughts, feelings etc. There was
point of light. There was absolutely no feeling for the body, child, husband,
parents. Nothing no feeling at all. I do not know for how long I was there but I
could see myself being thrown back to my body because I clearly remember the
strong feeling like OH Why again I am being sent here. It was so nice and
peaceful there. The Doctor was shouting “Geetha– -Geetha” and when I
responded I could see the tensed feeling in their faces “What Happened to you?”
She almost shouted. I remember saying “Doctor I am enjoying”. She retorted,
“What do you mean enjoying”…..Obviously I had no answer and simply smiled. I
guess she must have thought that I was out of my senses. I even asked the
doctor whether she had by any chance given me local anesthesia that I may
have dosed off but she refused. All this happened in not more that 10-15
seconds but the feeling and the experience is so strong that it really is helping
me recover fast. One strong feeling after this incident which keeps on coming
again and again to my mind after this experience is that now we are now
undergoing some sort of punishment and that LIFE AFTER DEATH IS VERY
PEACEFUL and it is only shantam. It is like, after a heavy storm there is
complete silence without even tiny ripples, no thought, nothing only peace. Thank
you Thank you Swamy for being there all the time.


Geetha is a highly placed Government of India Officer if that helps someone get more faith in what is being told.

I would love to know of your experience; please do share in the box below.

-Venu Murthy