How Real Is PLRT?

What is its impact?

Participants of Amarantos® PLRT Program had a 300% healing without the use of any drugs.

Analysis of a data set of participants taken on the 20th Aug 2018 Program. Attended by PLRT Therapists Trained by Amarantos

Doctors Trained By Amarantos® are raving about PLRT

Amarantos® feels blessed to have Trained and handhold Licensed Medical Professionals or Physician into launching their own PLRT practice successfully. Extending the benefits of this drugless modality to their patients and making a dent in even 'healing' diabetes and Parkinson's as well!

For someone from outside, it would seem like we have gone mad

With Joy of the miraculous power of PLRT. Read several healing stories from Amarantos® Trained Therapists!

Plethora of healing stories reported by clients of amarantos® trained Therapists

Healing in Lotus Batch

Avg. Pain Before Program

The Average Pain Reported by the Participants on the universal scale Before the Start of The Amarantos® Lotus Program in the December of 2018 .

Avg. Pain After Program

The level of pain as reported by the participants on the 5th day. 

1 %

Through the experiential workshops as part of the Amarantos® PLRT Program, there was a drastic reduction in pain level in the participants! Please do note, all this without the use of any drugs but only with the power of your own mind! 

Hello Venu...
Looks like you have been slogging to help us all...:)
I really appreciate all that you do for us.
I wanted to share my wonder with you...
I have absolutely no idea how plr works... But am amazed at all the issues it can address.
Last week a 34 yr old came to me. Had already visited all possible alternative therapists..4 plr therapists, 2 who come regularly on TV. One of them wrote"resistant client" on his case sheet. ..told him he can't be hypnotized. He has visited reiki masters, eft, FTP, marma, Ayurveda, homeopathy... U name it, he has tried it. All for his type 2 uncontrolled diabetes. History showed high anxiety, feeling of loneliness, lack of interest in relationship, finance losses due to bad decision, death of mother, loss of multiple jobs, insomnia... Actually his list of complaints filled up one entire page.. He underwent a wonderful LBL where he met...

And today he came back saying his sugar levels have come down from 340 fasting to 94, pp has gone from 450 to 140! Says he has been sleeping like a log for the 1st time in his life.. no anxiety, no bp.. nothing!

I know we are just scratching the surface here... But i had no idea we are sitting on such an effective modality of therapy. .. I did a bit of research too on diabetes n realised cortisol is the culprit. Plr reduces cortisol. Issues all resolve! Actually Venu... I am realising that plr n Hypnosis is doing better than dental for me... Though dental is also picking up slowly. Appointments booked every single day till 10 may. And it's soo satisfying... U were right! Thank you so much venu... [Email from Dr. Ash to Venu on 8th April 2019]
Dr. Ashwini
Amarantos® Aquila Batch

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So many real life healing stories to share!

and so little a time!

If you change the way you look at things, the
things you look at changes!

A 45-year-old lady came to my clinic expressing a desire to undergo a session of PLR. She had read all of Dr. Brian Weiss books. She had taken this appointment a good 5 months in advance since she stayed in a different country and wanted to schedule it while she was here … and no… I hadn’t known her before this.
History: Routine childhood, eldest of 2 kids, was very close to her brother.
Married for last 20 years and has a college going son who has learning disabilities,
15 years ago, her brother passed away in a road traffic accident and her life hasn’t been the same since then.
Suffers from Arnold Chiari syndrome and has undergone brain surgery once. Tends to trip on her own feet and her left side of the body is weak, especially her left hand. A nagging pain in her left little finger has made her life miserable.
Is a professional artist and a sculptor par excellence. Showed me a few of her works… and I was intrigued.
Was struggling through an abusive marriage and was so depressed that she got addicted to alcohol. Was surviving on antidepressants and many a times overdosed herself wishing that she could just die.
Mentioned that she had once experienced an out of body experience. Desired takeaway from the session: she wrote “hope”!
The Session
In trance she saw herself as a 20-year-old tribal woman, lying on the ground, hands and feet bound by thick ropes. This is sometime in 1605. She sees a lot of tribal men making a lot of noise and dancing around her and she realises that she is here to be sacrificed to their God. She is petrified, helpless and in shock. One of the tribals come towards her with a small dagger, first he chops off her left little finger and then her entire left hand. As she starts drifting to unconsciousness due to the intense pain, he slits her throat and puts her out of her misery. Slowly she drifts up and looks down at her body. She realises that there is no point in blaming them for her death because they were doing it to save their community from drought by pleasing their deity with this readily available sacrifice.
She sees a bright white light in the distance and notices someone coming towards her. As this person nears her, she gave a gasp of surprise. It was her brother!
He assures her that he has always been there with her, not just in this lifetime but in others too. He says that they have a lot of work to do here and that is why he has chosen to be born as her son now. He asked her to believe in herself, be strong and never give up hope.

I wrote down a verbatim of their long ongoing conversation as narrated by her and I must confess that it is my prized possession. It not only healed her pain and gave her hope, but also changed my own perception towards a lot of things in life.

As she emerged from trance and got onto her feet, she squealed with joy and kept repeating “my hand, my hand”. It took me a while to calm her down and she told me that her left hand was no longer painful or stiff as before. The spasticity had vanished. She could now again go back to creating sculptures and art as before.
She underwent 3 wonderfully phenomenal PLR sessions before she left back. And as she got into her cab that day, I was waving bye to her… but she didn’t notice me. She was just looking at her left hand with wonder… as if it had suddenly sprouted there. These are the moments which bring a warm, fuzzy feeling in our hearts. That look of wonder on her face will forever be etched in my mind.
Fast forward. Today, she is a cheerful and confident woman, no longer addicted to either alcohol or antidepressants, getting ready to start her own NGO to help economically poor kids get education. Bubbling with enthusiasm, she called and told me all her plans for her future … as I wiped a tear from my eye!

A friend once mentioned “there are more tears in the eyes than water in the oceans.” Isn’t this the reason why we are here… to wipe a tear and bring a smile
on another’s face

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