Are you a React-or or an Act-or?

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Read on to find out more… Based on people’s action orientation, we could categorize them into two categories:- 1. Act-ors 2.React-ors By the end of this article, you will be able to know how to make this distinction and use it to your advantage. In either becoming an Act–or or learning how to deal with React-ors. We’ve experienced that when we want to […]

PLRT + Dentistry = Hypnodontics

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As some of you might already know Dr. Ashwini is the ‘Defence Doctor’ who was trained by Mr. Venu Murthy in the Amarantos Aquila batch of Dec 2017. She is the Super Skeptic PLRT Therapist that we had referred to in the book, “Why Me?: Could your chronic problems be rooted in your past lives?” […]

Near Death Experience

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Several of us have experienced surviving out of our body. I’ve had such experiences twice. When I was five years old, I was drowning in a swimming pool and was almost dead and rescued by the coach. The second time was in my 20s when I was donating blood, and I zoned out. These are […]

Learn how to unwrap this greatest gift!

The Present is the Present

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  “What have I done with my life!” was the lament of the greatest industrialist who had sought a Past Life Regression therapy with Amarantos! All his material wealth outweighed the simple truth that Life is not to be measured in the number of years or the millions we’ve made, but the amazing moments that […]

Do not Somatize that

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Up to 97% of all the illnesses are Psychosomatic–etymologically it is a Greek word where Psyche — inner being, affecting our Soma i.e. our body. For example people in high-stress jobs having a headache. Some Stats Even a recent study by the American Medical Association found 75% of all illnesses and diseases are due to […]

How Do You Do!

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“I am Fine?” Lo comes this response! That is the natural response we are conditioned to give in spite of being physically sick, mentally tired or emotionally battered. Man is a multidimensional being. One the most important things that we overlook is that just feeding the body nutritious food (which too is quite unlikely in this […]