PLRT + Dentistry = Hypnodontics

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As some of you might already know Dr. Ashwini is the ‘Defence Doctor’ who was trained by Mr. Venu Murthy in the Amarantos Aquila batch of Dec 2017. She is the Super Skeptic PLRT Therapist that we had referred to in the book, “Why Me?: Could your chronic problems be rooted in your past lives?” […]

Amarantos with John of God

Where Heaven meets Earth–John of God

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Please Note: The views in the below write up are my own experiences and could differ from that of others. I am narrating this only to let the reader know that even in this skeptical world, such miracles are still taking placing. However Amarantos does not practice the healing narrated in this post. The Omega Institute, […]

At the Holocaust…. Again!

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  “Lets go to the Berlin TV tower… no to Checkpoint Carlie… no Berlin wall”, but my plans was otherwise. I was on a work assignment to Berlin a few weeks ago. It was very tight scheduled and with hardly any time to see anything.  But in that short span of time I wanted to attempt […]